Crypto Income Coach

About Me:

Hello, this is Hemant Gajbhiye from Navi Mumbai. By qualification, I hold bachelors degree in Engineering and master's degree in MBA. I worked in various organizations till March 2020 in sales, marketing and business development. Now I'm in the process of setting up my online coaching, consulting and training business. I'm a Digital Entrepreneur, Crypto Enthusiast, Affiliate Marketer, YouTube Content Creator and Musician. I'm someone who loves to play various musical instruments like flute, synthesizer and mouth organ. I love doing creative work. Learning about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, De-Fi, Yield Farming and IDO/NFT for more than a year. Also, I have been working in the Affiliate Marketing Program based on Crypto to make passive, residual income. I teach people how to enter into Crypto market to make, multiply and manage their income digitally. This is all about me and my experiences so far!